About Us

Welcome to the wonderfully, whimsical, vibrant and slightly mischievous art world of Marc Zuazua.


Austin made, Oakland based.

Marc’s art is influenced by the everyday; however, artistically speaking, cues range from graffiti, cartoons and comics to works by contemporary masters such as Basquiat, Warhol, and Haring. This is pretty evident through his bold use of color and precise outlines. The artist holds a degree in communication design from Texas State University and made quite a name for himself through clothing design, custom painted sneakers and mural productions in bustling Austin, TX. In “The Music Capitol of The World”, Marc co-founded and curated the critically acclaimed art gallery, The 5th Gallery. The gallery was a hub of creative activity that helped unite and cultivate burgeoning artists, musicians and designers of Texas. In 2012, Marc uprooted from the party that is Austin and found a home in the art friendly Bay Area of California. In Oakland, he continues to create art, murals, and clothing that is geared to make people smile and think.

Marc continues to provide art and design for many musicians and venues all over the country through his design company, Warning Kick Media