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MOFOZ: Streetwear


SXSW 2013: Lines Suck

SXSW is one of the most amazing festivals ever. The Austin, Texas festival  has grown so immensely in the last 10 or so years that it is now largely known for the huge acts that now grace some of the stages…for instance this year Prince will be performing at SXSW 2013…thats mad big. expect a line, a hope, and a dream to get into that show….or get on your phone and start calling some friends..the Mofoz way.

The festival has become a large mecca for creatives in industries ranging from tech, film, and music to food, travel to…well, whatever other industry with a company that can hire a celebrity and slap a logo on a backdrop for photo opps.

It’s always a great time, albeit the festival was originally introduced for the independent underdogs in all said industries. There is now a healthy mix, perhaps even obesely healthy mix of large name acts that are seemingly drowning out the sound and hype of the acts that the festival was originally intended. That’s cool and all, if you like waiting in lines for cookie cutter artists. If you do, this poster was inspired with you in mind.

We will have a crew handing out /posting up over all getting these limited prints up for Austin. All prints will be signed and numbered. If you see one, grab it before someone else does. Be sure to post a pic when you do, we will repost or retag from any social media if it is tagged with #linessuck #mofoz or #atxtakeover

Happy SXSW 2013

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Graffiti Against Cancer

We were proud to be a part of  the Graffiti Against Cancer Benefit Art Shows. Mofoz artist, Marc Zuazua donated an art piece to this string of benefit shows to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. The moving art exhibit debuted with a show at Sub Mission Gallery in San Francisco on October 19th and will  follow with an upcoming show in San Jose in early 2013.

Art by Marc Zuazua

Organizers of the event plan to take this show to several other California cities within the next few years.

Here are some pictures from the San Francisco opening party that came complete with all things hip hop, as well as a table for bone marrow registration. This was a great event to spotlight and raise money for a truly worthy cause.

Artwork was donated by Mark Bode,  CRAYONE, KING157, TRACY168, Marc Zuazua (Mofoz), QUAKE, DEFIE, LIGHT, BROKE, RAVE, OKSIE, EARS, ARTE, CRIME, SWER, DIORE, DOCKTOR, TORO, KEB, WAND and many more……

To find out more about these shows be sure to visit the Graffiti Against Cancer Facebook page.

Art by Nite Owl and others

Art by 7 Seas 1810

These are some amazing geometric 3-D pieces. Art by Respect FDM

Art by Yawser HYSU

Art by Skope

Art by King 157

This was a pretty fly caterpillar and hookah. Art by Pashe Lords.

Art by Diore 1810

Art by Defie Lords, Duce 1810, and Veck 16 EMR


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Custom Adidas – Fortuna Dusseldorf

Custom Adidas Superstar - 

This pair of custom Adidas superstars were painted to the theme of popular German soccer squad, Fortuna Dusseldorf. The hand painted shelltoes have the outsides of the sneakers painted with classic elements of the football teams uniform, where as the inside parts of the sneaker are painted in a graffiti style text. 

Professional leather paint and sealant were used to create these custom kicks.

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BIG KRIT -Live from the Underground SF

We had a chance to catch one of our favorite musicians in San Francisco about a month back, and happily had our camera in tow. Big K.R.I.T. is the Mississippi bred rapper who has been making a lot of noise lately with his latest release, “Live from the Underground”.

Prior to his latest release, Krit has been heavy in the mixtape game and enjoyed success with popular songs  featuring everyone from Wiz Khalifa to Ludacris. The SF date was part of the first leg of Krit’s national tour, and definitely showed off why the young rapper is catching so much critical acclaim. The musician who is well known to be both a great rapper and producer further showed and entered “trifecta” brilliance with his live show. Krit entertained the masses with a great DJ in Clark Kent, as well as interacted in waves with the crowd, even allowing some in the front row to sing hooks to some of his hits….and get this, no boggled backing vocals on the record , as some rappers seemingly love to use in this day and age. All in all, Krit’s street styled rhymes sonned from Dirty South pioneers such as UGK, and other southern favorites blend tremendously with songs of the underground hip hop life favored by so many hip hop purists to create and form the next big rap superstar…and we are just fine with that.

Shouts out to OG of Luxury Mindz fam who is currently on tour filming a documentary on KRIT, we will be posting the three part documentary in an upcoming blog.

All photos courtesy of Marc and Airica for Mofoz Visualz




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Custom Puma – Celestial

Custom Puma – Celestial

These Custom puma sneakers were painted using a fair amount of colors. We had a pretty broad idea of where these were going and wanted to include aspects of nature, space, and wonder.  We included waves, beaches, pyramids, planets, sun, moon, and other hidden gems. We also replaced the laces with some Fully Laced SB shoe laces to compliment the grays that were used on the sneakers. To finish off the custom kicks, we used a high gloss sealant to protect the artwork.

Professional leather paint and sealant were used to create these custom kicks.

To Buy Custom Puma, contact us.

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“Never Too Old For Toys” show at Chopsticks Urban Art Space

“Never Too Old for Toys” art show opened last weekend at the Chopsticks Urban Art Space in Oakland. The bay area has a lot of art shows, and a lot of great galleries, we chose to check out this opening because ..well hell, we love toys. The show featured some custom vinyl toys as well as full out original sculptures, and even some nicely made foil art. The thing about Chopsticks is you can truly enjoy yourself without the air of elitism that is stagnant in most gallery openings. This is truly an underground spot, complete with dj’s, hip hop acts, sticker making and shot taking. Some galleries sell lowbrow, Chopsticks lives lowbrow…and we can dig it.

Participating Artists included: Chris Micro, Kyle Lypka, Toygami, Force 129, Blesd, Crank, Kage, Nite Owl, Onedr, Reggie Warlock, BasicLee, Fem One, Roka One, Egads, Joseph, APonte, Debbie Does Cakes, Ras Terms, Sam Cardenas, Roar, MF Urbi, Lisa Pisa, Joanne Ludwig, Rachael X, Ofel, Jeannie Scott Hesse, and Jereme

I was pretty impressed with these cool wooden cutouts made and painted by Lisa Pisa. The artists had a few of these on display/for sale and the cool details were painted on the front and back of these interesting characters.

DJ Onedr on the wheels , doing what DJ’s do. Cool mixer BTW.

We ran across these gems from artist, Nite Owl. These pieces were not in the actual show, however, they were pretty nice, and the stencil work was pretty inspiring so I thought I’d share with you good people.

dope city saints at chopstick art space

Dope City Saints showed up to lay down a set. It really doesnt get more hip hop than this, two turntables and a headphone is all that was needed to rock a crowd.  Make sure to check out the group’s latest video, “Weight”  its worth a watch.

The last show at Chopsticks was a pretty large sticker art show which was installed on the ground. The stickers really gives the space a great urban feel, and gives the viewer something new to look at with every step in the gallery.

RW behind the scenes.

These cramic and mixed media sculptures by Kyle Lypka were pretty mindblowing. These interesting characters reminiscent of demons and minios were interesting on a textural level as well as on a conceptual level. Great work.

Airica holding it down and seeing what there is to see.

I briefly talked to the artist of these great foil made characters but didn’t get a chance to catch his name. Pretty inventive and simple at the same time.

Chicken Wings and Munnies…those are a few of my favooourite things.

This Munny has cereal on its mind, more specifically fruit loops…yet more of my favorite things. Art by Debbie Does Cakes, Clean work.

more foil art.

I got to give it up to Onedr for this great piece. Thats a great way to build a scene.

This art by Samuel Cardenas incorporated a healthy amount of screws on this cyclops like toy.


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