Mofoz in the NFT space! What more can you want?

I am ecstatic to show you the first of a few NFT collections I currently have available. 

The first piece of "The Road To Awesome" collection is now available on the Opensea marketplace

This collection showcases characters from The Road to Awesome universe. Many of the upcoming NFTs in this collection are based directly from traditional paintings.

The "Hora Feliz" collection is also now  available on the OpenSea marketplace.  This collection is an ode to my love of Tex-Mex happy hours. Yes!

The first NFT release I have done on the HicEtNunc marketplace is a collaboration with musician and friend, Karthik. The first release of the "Sketch" collection is a lightly animated drawing of mine called "Calm" scored with the intro to Karthik's song "Yogi Pop". The NFT, "Calm-Yogi Pop", was minted using the tezos blockchain.

This series is based directly off of some of my favorite traditional ink and ink wash drawings. The drawings have been lightly animated and are collaboratively soundtracked by some of our favorite musicians. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT RELEASE.


The exploration into this space has been nothing short of fascinating. The beautiful and transformative world of digital art, crypto finance, and blockchain technology has melded into somewhat of a craze lately...and rightfully so. The excitement has surely hit every creative that has even remotely conversed about it.  I'm no different- I now envision both my art and the way it can be displayed in so many new ways. 

This is essentially a new way to collect and trade digital art. This can be a very confusing space or concept to those outside of the crypto or digital art worlds. So I will leave you with this youtube link if you'd like to learn more about NFT art.